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I received an opal ring as a gift from my husband for my birthday. We had seen it at the Pandora store in San Antonio, but the ring looked a little oval rather than round so I passed. Little did I know my husband bought it for me and presented it to me as a gift. I remember the salesperson saying that the ring shape was normal for a ring that size, as I have a large knuckle on my ring finger.

The night I wore it, the opal fell out. We did find the pieces. Instead of an opal it was a veneer like a fingernail. I was very disappointed, as the ring was $500.00, and it wasn't even a whole opal, and it broke so quickly.

I brought it to the Freehold Mall store in NJ, closer to where we live now to have it replaced. The manager came right out and told me that there was nothing she was going to do because she knew I broke the ring on purpose. I was floored. I told her what happened and that what she was telling me was not so, and she blatantly told me " if you'll just tell me the truth of what you did to the ring I will see what I can do for you" . Both my husband and I were shocked, and I felt sick as to be treated so beyond rude. She was actually shouting at me. I left her with the ring because she told me she would send it back to Pandora to have it repaired and have heard nothing so far.

I have 2 Pandora bracelets, and each of my daughters have one which I gifted them. Our San Antonio purchase was over $2,000.00 that day, and yes that is two thousand. I am appalled at the treatment I received and will never, ever buy another piece of Pandora jewelry ever again. Your management needs to be retrained in customer service.

I have also written 3 letters to customer service and have only gotten the response that the letters were received. But nothing more. What a crappy company.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of pandora jewelry ring from Pandora Jewelry and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $500 and wants Pandora Jewelry to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was rude sales people and customer care. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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This ring is sold by Pandora. Call consumer affairs at the HQ in Baltimore MD.


Be prepared to supply a recipet or bank statement. You will have to send in this item for a replacement.


Yes it does, and still does. As you are anonymous, l will no longer give attention to your posts. It seems you may be an employee to the company.


Pandora does not sell that item


It was on a trip to San Antonio. So we couldn't bring it back there.

I wore the ring to bed, and when I found the stone it was in pieces. So it did fall out, and then probably cracked, again it is not a whole stone, it is a concave shell thinner than your fingernail. On the ring it looks like a whole stone, but it's very misleading.

From what I read, this ring has many returns for the same reason.

It is so thin that it looks like if I put pressure on it with a finger it will snap.

I had to be very careful to find the pieces and gather them with tweezers.

I appreciate your comment, if I had hit it I would just say that I hit it, not a problem.


You should have taken it back to the store your husband bought it from. Unless a prong was damaged, I doubt the stone 'just fell out'. As it lies broken in the picture I would think it had been hit against something.

to LadyScot #1099585

Your observation is merely from a photo. You don't know me, so please refrain from commenting on something you know nothing about.

Thank you.

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