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I've had my bracelet for 2 years!And it's tarnished!

Because I'm outside the one year warranty and pandora doesn't cover tarnishing I cannot have my bracelet fixed. First of all, how are they not able to cover tarnishing but yet their product tarnishes and is considered normal wear and tear. How is that normal?! I spent so much money for ***!

They're saying I can fix it but I have to pay for it! But you can not use any at home cleaning products with it.

They're just trying to make more money by suckering people into their cheap product.I've used silver all my life and this is the first problem I encounter.

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Tarnished is not a "fix it" type of problem. Clean it yourself for a couple of dollars. Don't make a problem where there isn't any.


I work in a Pandora store, and you absolutely can take it to your local Pandora dealer and they will clean the bracelet.We use a tumbler with burnishing compound and stainless steel shot to polish and clean the bracelet and charms, followed by a good hand polishing with polishing cloth.

If you don't wear the bracelet often, it will tarnish. Also, as stated by others here, exposure to chemicals etc will cause discoloration on the silver. This is also fixable, it just takes some elbow grease and time. This is not considered a manufacturer defect, which is why it is not covered under warranty.

Store the bracelet in an "anti-tarnish" jewelry box, and separately from non precious jewelry.

Keeping silver in a box with costume (plated) jewelry can cause discoloration as well.Keep calm and visit your local Pandora dealer....

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #918512

Seriously, what is wrong with you?It's just dirty.

Tarnishing happens with anything sterling silver.

You probably didn't take care of it properly and wore it in water or sprayed it with perfume or something ***.Just clean it instead of complaining and blaming everyone but yourself.


Why don't you just buy a $5 polishing cloth and clean it? Silver does tarnish but it doesn't mean that it's ruined. Also, most Pandora stores offer free cleanings.


Silver shouldn't tarnish.Silver filled products do.

I heated a bowl of water out aluminum foil in it with baking soda and it cleaned my bracelet. It looks brand new.

I have a lot of silver jewelry that I never *** and it has never tarnished!Why would something expensive tarnish so easily?

to Jess #843423

Uhh...silver DEFINITELY tarnishes.

The only way silver won't tarnish is if it's plated with something.The store will clean it for free.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #841375

Are you daft? It just needs to be cleaned... Just don't use a liquid polish, there are many ways you can clean them at home...

to Annon Davenport, Iowa, United States #841431

Pandora discourages you from cleaning them. You have to take the bracelets into the store and pay them to spray them with anti tarnish

to Sammy #847609

Spray them with anti tarnish? Um no.. and the only reason they discourage you from cleaning them is because most people will try to use silver polish which will ruin the oxidization on the charms.

to Sammy #1165936

Pandora doesn't even charge for cleaning!& REAL silver tarnishes.

& can it can be cleaned off!

She must have bought silver with nickel or plated.Most jewelry stores don't sell pure quality silver like Pandora.

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