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I bought pandora since 2015, i have been polished my bracelet for 3or4 time, but i'm very upset with my pandora bracelet after the fourth time polished. I polished at kuala lumpur pavilion and kuala lumpur farrenheit.

It doesnt happen , but this time my bracelet become supple! My bracelet size was changed! I know that pandora bracelet will become our hand size after wore for long, but i want to tell that i wear pandora not frequently. When april7 i feel that my pandora abit rusty so i tried to polished at first pandora shop at KOTA BHARU KBMALL , when my boyfriend pick up the bracelet for me, i m so happy!

But when i touch my bracelet! I feel that my bracelet was So SUPPLE AND SOFT!!!! So i went back to the pandora and ask for my bracelet. The sales person told me that the bracelet wore after 2week will become like this soft and supple?

The other sales person told me , the pandora bracelet display in the shop also will become like this even not wore?!?!?! Another sales worker told me that make exchange for me but lastly give me a lot of explanation that i could not accept! I dont know whther is the staff problem for polished my pandora or maybe exchange my bracelet with others! I truly cannot accept this problem happen!

Before i drop the pandora on april7 to polish , my boyfriend is interesting with pandora bracelet so i may thinking to bought new one because my charm make the bracelet too tight on my hand. My bf told me that he would like to take my bracelet so i could buy a new one and bigger size! After i pick up the bracelet , i asked him. Isit my pandora bracelet become very soft and supple, he told me YES!

Not that supple and soft before polished. I could not accept this thing happen to me! Please contact me and help me solve the problem. Even the stff told me that i m the first customer complaint about bracelet after polished.

Why when i polished at KUALA LUMPUR SO many time dont have such thing happen? I m not the customer that finding problem and wasting my time on complaining pandora , i truly cnt accept the condition after polished! Please take reaction!

Look at the pic and see whther its different or not , first pica was other polished second is before polished. Email: Xiaowei0317@hotmail.com Here the photo!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pandora Jewelry Bracelet.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1329574

both issues your complaining about are totally normal. all bracelets and charms tarnish.

it's not a defect. all you need to do is use a silver polishing cloth and they will look new again. and yes. the bracelet getting sof is also normal.

they all do it within a few months of wear.

especially if you don't use clips. Instead of crying about defects do some research on the products you buy.

to ANONYMOUS Columbus, Ohio, United States #1347154

This is not a true statement. I own 2 bracelets one that is maybe 6 years old and one 3 y/o at the same store!

The 3 y/o bracelet with beads turned not tarnished but BLACK probably 7 or 8 times! Each time got cleaned at a reputable pandora shop. This last time it became so black I took it in just last week at the same store I bought. They cleaned it, the bracelet had a glaze over it and then within 24 hours the bracelet and the charms turned black again that is not tarnish.

There is definitely a problem and Pandora needs to accept that and make it right! pandora needs to know about this and know when there is a defect they need to take care of customer and not make excuses!!!

to Anonymous #1477750

The only thing I can think of is that they must use some kind of strange alloy in their sterling silver mix, because you’re right- it tarnishes VERY fast! A helpful tip is to store it in a sealed ziplock bag- air tight- to keep the air out. This will prolong the tarnishing.

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