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Bracelet started unraveling under the charms. After investing in numerous charms, company was not willing to give any compensation because the bracelet was over 1 year old.

I was under the impression that this jewelry was a keepsake that would last many years. The company does not stand behind their product if it is greater than 1 year and it is defective. Obviously the company doesn't think their jewelry is a keepsake worth investing in.

I do not buy disposable jewelry and will not be purchasing or recommend to friends that this jewelry is worth collecting. Disappointed x-customer

Review about: Pandora Jewelry Bracelet.

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My bracelet had the little thing that the clips go on (to the right of your defect) start sliding up and down the bracelet. They ask when I got it and because I've had so many issues with their stuff and know if you tell them the truth and say more than a year they will do nothing, so I play their game and say uhmmm about 9 mths ago?!?!

It works because their are so many retailers/franchises that they do not communicate. And no do not feel bad saying not sure maybe 7-9 months as they could careless about you and you throwing about a grand in the trash as that's about the cost of one of its full.

Warwick, Rhode Island, United States #904189

I also had a problem with my bracelet I can no longer close the clasp which renders it unwearable. After trying at two pandora stores I was told that they would not touch it because it might break.

I have invested quite a bit of money in charms and cannot wear the thing.

At both stores I was told to go to a jewelry store or for spending an additional $100 I could get a free bracelet I tell all my friends not to buy pandora. Buy a less expensive brand I am terribly unsatisfied

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