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My husband bought me 2 murano glass beads for my bracelet. This made a total of 16 beads.

One of the murano glass beads costs $340 plus tax because its gold on the sides and the other was silver at $80. I've had them a year now and the glass has completely dulled and they look terrible! We went back to the pandora store in Bramalea City Centre in Beampton Ontario Canada to make a complaint and have them replaced. The beads were sent away and returned the same way saying it was not a manufacturing defect and it was just wear and tear on them.

Are you kidding me?????? My total bracelet is worth over $2000 and this is the customer service we get????

We will never buy anything from Pandora again! Their customer service sucks!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $480.

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Not only my Pandora murano beads have gone totally dull and scratched but also the gold on my two tone “bear my heart”, a limited edition charm has faded! The red enamel in one of my charms has also become dull AND my snow flake blue stones are now white.

I have been a Pandora collector for 3 years and am extremely careful with my belongings. I even remove my bracelets to wash my hands and do not wear them so often...

this is so sad! What a loss!

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #956697

I feel bad for you..... this location has horrible customer service.

The girl we had (Rita) was so rude. First she seemed put out that we were three let alone ask any questions. Then she did not have my size and rather than try a different bracelet for sizing she simply said oh we just have to send an order. Then I asked to try one for sizing she seemed even more put out that she actually had to go and work.

This was a gift from my daughter (who was with me) so I held my tongue :( Then I pointed out a different bracelet and she said oh thats gold...as if to say, my daughter could not afford that one. I was fuming inside at her very apparent lack of proffessionalism...it was beyond rude. I will be speaking to her supervisor and headoffice.

When I asked how long it would take to order mine she was not even sure just said they would call...(its been over a week now I am going in tomorrow. If it was not for my daughters sweet gesture I would have just said forget it...stick the bracelet somewhere :(


Rub it with mineral oil and it will diminish the look of the chips and scratches.


My newest Pandora murano bead just split in two. I have only worn the bracelet 3 times and have not worn it during showering, gardening or any type of work.

I love Pandora, but had never considered the possibility of having a defective product. So sad.


You also cant shower with them, go in the pool, or clean while wearing your bracelet. Ask yourself if you have done any of this because this could have been a cause.

-Sad customer who went into the pool with my bracelet :(

North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia #746968

Murano glass... Is made from glass.

If you wear it often, it will become scratched and thus, dull. Let me guess, you wear your precious bracelet everyday: doing the dishes, scrubbing the toilet, gardening.

Do the maths lady, it will go dull.

Maybe next time, buy plastic.

to Jenny #1367974

For $2000 she should be able to do all of the above and go to the moon with it diminishing in looks.

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