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I went to Washinton square location in Oregon. Pandora jewelers.

I thought service was intially ok but then I call to place an order over phone they were swamped they didn’t want to talk to me even. I was to make a payment over phone but refused. Why would you think that’s a good idea we are dealing with valued customers they said.

Wait a min.

I spent over 85 plus on jewelry. Am I not valued. I wanted to leave feed back via phone next day. As no one returned my call as promised.

they said we don’t have time fir that either. I felt more irritated and said I would report To bbb they said go ahead.

Customer at its finest ha ha NOT! Very much let down. It’s bad to be on hold too forever. Where is work ethics. Don’t have any apparently they said go to downtown store.

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You are just now realizing that Pandora doesn't give a crap about any individual customer? They treated their dealers like *** for years and forced merchandise at them.

They hired tons of people for their (then) growing business, and then fired hundreds at a time. Not just the lower levels, EVERYONE.

Their stock price is falling into the toilet. Getting what they deserve.

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