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I stopped by the coral square pandora, in coral springs, florida. My first visit with intentions to purchase a christmas gift for my 14 year old.

What an aweful experience! I saw the roped area with no one in line, a customer was leaning/standing in the door frame speaking to another lady at the door, being my very first visit, i walked in as i typically do in a store. no one stopped me, said hello, or said wait at the rope, nor did i see a sign instruction me how to proceed. I walked around, i asked where the bracelets were, i was pointed to them, i looked for a bit then i asked for help.

At this time a lady, who later identified herself as the supervisor/manager said to me there is a line to enter the store, pointed to the roped area where there was by this about 3 people standing in line and told me i need to go to the back of the line in order to be served... What? I asked, i told her there was no line when i came and no one told me to wait at the door to be invited in, she said "well, there us a line now and you need to go join the line" i clarified "at the back?" and she said yes. I was shock, and humiliated.

I asked " is this how u treat customers?" She just smerk, when i asked for the manager, she said, she is. Wow! To the management of pandora, If the top behaves like offer to assist, no explaination of how customers are typically served, just go join the line at the back.....then how do are you not concerned about customer service, or is the company beyond the need for recurring and new customer. I am completely turned off.

I walked right out of the store and didnt bother with the purchase.

I am utterly disappointed, and will have to dissappoint my child, because consumers should not tolerate such treatment and i refuse to support rude, maybe even discrimate service. This realy upsets me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pandora Jewelry Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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OH MY GOD! They made YOU, the queen of Coral Springs Florida actually wait under 5 minutes!

This should be a crime?! Did they not stop what they were doing to accommodate YOUR very important shopping needs?. You should file a complaint to the Corp office! I'm sure the people addressing your phone call definitely won't be chuckling on the other end about your very unique dilemma.

All hail the cunt..i mean QUEEN of CoralSprings !

Here's a tip, next time you go ti the store wear your tiara and your sash so they immediately know to let you skip everyone that's already in line. Thank me later


there's a slave trade going on in Lybia, California is on fire, and mass shootings are at an all time high in this country.

but you’re online complaining about having to wait during the busiest time of the year.

to Anonymous #1408069

Girl, I stinkin' love you.

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