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My 16 year old daughter decided to splurge her hard-earned savings on Pandora earrings for me for Christmas.She made sure to get a gift exchange receipt as she knew that my tastes might alter from hers slightly and I might want to change the charm.

I personally haven't bought into these over-priced charms and felt she had spent way too much for gold old mom. So I decided to return the whole thing and get her charms for her bracelet, and then take the difference in cash and get something else for me as her Christmas gift to me. The Pandora salesperson said there are no refund on the hoop part of the ear ring - it's a Health Canada policy. This is not stated anywhere on their gift receipt.

And it was not explained to my daughter at the time of purchase. They have a right to explain these things, especially to a novice buyer like my daughter. But they didn't care, didn't want to take responsibility for their sales clerk missing the boat on this and refused to refund the full amount.

Buyers out there beware and think first before buying ear rings from anybody for a gift, but least of all Pandora.They are not being accountable and have no shame in pilfering money from a 16 year old teen just wanting to do something nice for her mother.

Review about: Pandora Jewelry Charm.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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In what universe are pierced earrings EVER returnable?!You obviously have no common sense.

How would you feel if you bought a pair of earrings someone else had returned and you contracted hepatitis?You should have just been grateful for the gift.

to Anonymous West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, United States #1230054

Stores would like you to believe that.Especially Pandora!

They are money hungry.Before you make *** comments Pandora, do your research!!!


I would think a 16 year old has enough sense to purchase a gift that she would like her mother to have.Just say thank you and wear them, rather than blame your "tastes" and your "feeling" that she overspent on Pandora.

I would be offended (even at 16) if I purchased a gift for someone who then returned it, got items for me, and then got something "cheap" for themselves.Be a grateful "receiver", that will make your daughter feel good about "giving".


Pierced earrings are not refundable.Never.

Ever. From anyone, not just Pandora.

Change the charm and try being grateful.

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