Each store is a franchise, therefore, they operate independently. If you purchase an item or receive a gift, you can ONLY RETURN THAT ITEM AT THE STORE IT WAS PURCHASED FROM.

You also need the receipt and it needs to be done within 30 days of purchase. They will not credit your Pandora credit card. They will only exchange the item or give store credit IF THE ITEM WAS PURCHASED WITHIN 30 DAYS AND YOU HAVE THE RECEIPT.

This DECEPTIVE and LIMITED return policy was never mentioned when the sale was made.

I never even knew Pandora was a franchise. Now I'm out $300.00.

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This is strange that they wouldn’t let you return without a receipt- as long as you go to the same store they should have looked it up for you!! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience


It is terrible customer service!! My boyfriend bought me 3 charms as a Christmas gift, but he bought them ahead of time in October.

They are expensive and other expensive jewelry brands will take back and exchange no questions.

But I can not return or even exchange because he bought them in October. 30 days is RIDICULOUS!!!!!


My husband purchased me a Pandora bracelet, he lost the reciept. I wanted the open bangle.

He bought it 5 days ago for a Christmas gift. Manager stated that she couldn't exchange it without a reciept. While Pandora policy states that items can be exchanged without a reciept for current value.

Every other store can look up items purchased with a credit card, why can't Pandora. What's the purpose of having a registry if it's not convenient to the customer?


Lady, return policies are always listed at the bottom of the receipt. It's not deceitful, it's literally a nationwide thing. Get with the program.

to Anonymous #1618878

A receipt is give AFTER payment is made, therefore it could be viewed as ‘deceitful’


I always love the line "the return policy was never mentioned to me." Please, tell me what retailer recites the ENTIRE return policy to you before purchase. It's on the receipt for a reason.

For YOU to read. This is exactly why my location now has customers initial their own receipts at the bottom after we've asked them to read it, so we are not held liable for "not mentioning" a policy.

If you initialed without reading it, not our fault! We warned you.

to Pandora employee Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1351603

Pandora is losing it's credibility and will undoubtedly lose customers and profits. I hope you have made enough money from past customers.

I plan to spread the word of your poor customer service and arrogant attitude as evident in your response. Your product has lost its quality.

to Pandora employee #1409960

Hi my partner bought me a pandora bracelet a few weeks before Christmas he got me a size 20 but it’s way to big just keeps slipping of he doesn’t have the receipt anymore but has all the emails of proof of purches and I have I’d to show it’s in my name could I do that or would I need the receipt

to Pandora employee #1618882

Is the receipt not give after payment is made? If so it is too late and does not form part of the initial contract.

You can’t take the money then make the contract!

If the value is over£100 I would advise customers to use a credit card and if there are problems after purchase ask the card issuer to withold payment and help you sort the issue. It’s amazing how quickly SOME retailers back down, they often know their practices are illegal in the UK

to Pandora employee #1621746

Once you get a receipt it’s too late. Deceptive for sure.

It should be clearly posted in multiple locations and should be mentioned. It isn’t acceptable for any other company to have such limited return policies.

And no, all retailers don’t read you their policy, THAT’S BECAUSE THEY HAVE A NORMAL POLICY. If something is final sale or no return you should be told and when you sign for purchase you should have to read and agree.

Austin, Texas, United States #1325469

How many times can you return the same item? I keep on getting the wrong size for my ring

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada #1267865

Purchased a Xmas gift from Pandora store at the Oshawa centre mall in Oshawa, Ontario. They don't tell you that a full refund is only available at there store.

You can't return at another Pandora location. Went to Oshawa to return and I had my receipt but because I didn't have The debit slip attached to it they won't debit my account.

Never will buy again from Pandora store. Awful customer service.


Thank for informing me


I feel your pain. I just had the same experience.

I went back to the store two days after a $560.00 purchase (paid in cash) only to find out they won't give me MY cash back and I have to wait up to 10 days for them to mail me a check. I asked why this wasn't pointed out before the purchase. They said sales reps are supposed to inform customers (convenient excuse). It's obvious this is a standard (lie by omission) practice on their part.

I was in the very busy store for at least 45 minutes and, NOT ONCE, did I hear any sales associate mention this obscure return policy to any customers making a purchase and I watched several others make purchase by the register as I was waiting for my rings to be gift wrapped. This is a painfully obvious shady business practice on their part.

I file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's Office in reference to this. Hopefully someone will make them change this.

to Anonymous #1391804

Actually, most stores have this policy. Anything over $500 has to come back in a money order check because the registers will all be short.

It is not often that customers pay with that kind of tender, which is why you probably didn't hear anyone say it. Everything is typically debit or credit when it's that much.


If 300 dollars is a lot of money, it shouldn't have been used on a luxury item on a CREDIT CARD to begin with. Pandora return policy is very much like any other return policy in any other jewelry store except since we are franchised, our sale goals are very independent.

We cannot take back items without a receipt because we cannot be sure if we are being scammed or if the item is truly Pandora or stolen. This is an extremely common return policy and not made to be deceptive.

to pandora sales ***ociate Troy, Michigan, United States #1047051

I disagree. I believe it is very deceptive.

Same thing happened to me. I got it as a gift. And had the receipt. But they said it was 45 days (15 days late) and that the item had been tarnished.

It sat in a box for 40 days and the only thing I did was try it on, but did not wear it. Very deceptive and bad business. I recommend no one buys from this company.

They wouldn't even do an exchange... Poor business.

to pandora sales ***ociate #1103984

Sales associate? Who the *** do you think you are

telling people how to pay for purchases. I'll bet the only way you can purchase anything is by charging .

This Pandora fad won't last forever.

to Anonymous #1115407

You're seem simple minded. They most likely offer a delayed refund to help mitigate losses from a variety of possible factors.

It is a jewelry store after all. Moreover, they offer 100% of your money back if you have your receipt within 30 days. That's a *** good deal. --- I just spent money there myself, but wife didn't like my surprise gift so I returned it.

I had a great experience, go my money back in 12 days. As an adult, we all need to accept and understand the world of "sales". They are there to sell you something, some are more transparent than others. -- The buyer above who said they were lied to "by omission", doesn't not understand the term correctly and thus has an invalid argument.

There was no lie. If anything, the consumer needs to be more specific when asking questions and read things in writing before going through with any deal....anywhere!

to pandora sales ***ociate #1120813

Who the *** do you think u are. $20 is a lot of money and non of anyone's business if it is in a credit card cash or otherwise.

It is none of the sales CKERKS who makes $10 an hour to judge anyone making a luxury purchase or not. You deserve a smack in the mouth for that comment but being fired will be acceptable

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