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I bought my Pandora bracelet on 23 Nov 2014 at KLIA 2 and my white daisy petals drop off after 8 months.I do not expect this to happen as I thought Pandora will have better quality control.I do not shower nor sleep in it and I only wear them when I am going out.I always keep my Pandora bracelet in a box and it is very disappointing to see this as they are so expensive.I saw the exact same complain about the daisy charm and I hope to have a better explanation and an exchange soon.

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to "an exchange for white daisy charm". The author is overall dissatisfied with Pandora Jewelry and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about pandora jewelry charm from Pandora Jewelry was quality Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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The sale girl name fazila who's working at Pandora shop L3 was not very friendly.. 06/03/2017 I bought few charms there, she's didn't smile at all.

Seems she look at me that I'm a lower baller... I'm nOt happy with her service..

I wouldn't go there and buy anymore.. service sucks!

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #1185251

She loves me, she loves me not (what a joke lol)


The enamel of my charm is chipped, it also developed a yellow tint which is visible when compared to new charms with enamel. The quality of products is really disappointing!


All Pandora Jewellery has a 12 month international warranty. Take it back to where you bought it with your receipt and they'll give you a brand new one straight away - sometimes with handfinished jewellery things like that happen, but complaining about it won't get you a new one!


I had a bad experience with my bead for the charm bracelet, the metal ring detached. The customer service was not very helpful. I too expected better quality.


I feel what you are saying. I have never actually bought from them, but I have found nice sterling silver Pandora jewelry at Ebay for a third of the price.

Take the piece back ASAP with your receipt and get a refund. Then go on Ebay and buy their stuff there for less.


if you really expect anything from them you should learn to complain to THEM and not on HERE this is a PUBLIC complaints website and NOT run nor owned by them.

people really need to learn to proof their complaints before posting them as you see a TON of complaints where they direct threats or intentions at the company as if they're talking directly to them here.


Pandora is cheap mass-produced jewelry manufactured by minimum wage factory workers in Thailand who could likely never afford the $50 piece of junk you bought without starving their families for a month. Get over yourself and your first world problems.

Sorry but you spend more on a month of phone service than you did on this - let it go. Not sure exactly what you were thinking when you bought it - it's not like its Cartier or something.

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